Cute Little Animal gifs

Cute Little Animal gifs


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artnicolehough asked: Your blog is awesome! Could you post something with a chinchilla?

Hi Nicole! Thank you thank you! 
I’m not familiar with chinchillas though. I’m so very grateful that you introduced me to them! I’ll be posting more chinchillas in the future! hihihi


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jpkoheighttwentythree asked: I really love your blog(: Could you post something with a squirrel? Please💕 xD

Really appreciate the love! 

Something like this? σ(≧ε≦o)

This is just a teaser, will post the gifset very soon! See my other squirrel posts here.

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artemisjfawnn asked: So I really love this adorable blog <3 could you find a cute baby dik-dik for me?

Oh wow! Thank you so much visiting! ♥  
I’ll create a new Dik dik post shortly :) In a meantime, here’s one! 

I’ve also added Dik dik to the animal list I have here and to the dropdown I have on the right side bar. Also, if you’re bored you can try to use the yellow random button for a cute surpise! :3