Cute Little Animal gifs

Cute Little Animal gifs


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ynne-365 asked: Whenever I feel down or bored or angry, I always come here. I couldn't find such cheering tumblr anywhere else! I just love this place. I also love that you only post funny and cute things, not when someone could actually get hurt (like on other tumblrs:/). Keep it up please! (also if you ever randomly find some gifs of pomeranians those doggies are the cutest thing ever and when they actually move it's just asdfghjkl;; haha)

Hi Ynne! Your message made me tear up a bit! THANK YOU! This is what I needed after a stressful week. 
I just want to give you a hug!
I think I need to fix my tagging, I know I’ve posted a couple of pomeranians before. Anyways, I’ll find/create some gifs and post it for you. :-)

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